OSUA unveils new recruitment plan

At Monday night’s senate meeting, senators were given an updated status of what the Florida A&M University’s Office of Student Activities is doing to improve enrollment.

The plan will include new job and volunteer opportunities for current students. 

“The Office of Student Affairs is focused on intensive personal interaction with the students of FAMU and their interests, we are working hard to make sure that the services that FAMU students receive now and in the future are the quality services the students deserve,” said Office of Student Affairs student assistant David Gibson Jr., a 22-year-old senior business administration student from West Palm Beach.

FAMU’s recruitment call center is looking for assistance from committed Rattlers to join the recruitment team by calling prospective students. More students are encouraged to aid current callers because the best people to tell someone why they should become a rattler are current students. Current students who are experienced in the areas of graphic design, photography and print media are also needed to help make brochures as well as other recruitment material. Resumes must be submitted for all student positions and interviewing will be done in the call center.

The Office of Student Activities is interested in helping to increase enrollment while giving current students experience that they can add to their resumes.

Now, instead of just a phone call, prospective rattlers will also receive a set of two interactive CDs. One CD is specifically for student athletes and gives detailed information about all of the different sports offered here at FAMU in which they can become involved and available scholarships. The CD will include visual footage and photography done by students.

The second CD will show what student life is really like as well as cover the different academic programs that are offered at the university.

“I think that it is a great idea to see them implement these new things because enrollment for Florida A&M University has dropped by over 1,000 students in the past two academic years. It’s good to see them correct this because if enrollment doesn’t drop neither would the budget,” said fourth year Business Administration student Adrian Jordan, who is from Washington.

It was Gibson Jr. whom addressed the 35th student senate on behalf of the Office of Student Affairs at Monday night’s meeting. He informed every one of the various programs that the university is trying to implement with the hope to improve FAMU as a whole, as well as answered questions that the senators had in regard to recruitment.

After Gibson was finished explaining, freshman senator, 18-year-old Mellori Lumpkin, a Business Administration student from Bainbridge, Ga., said, “I applaud your efforts, I think that all of this is a great idea. But do you know around when we can expect all of this to be finished?”

To this question Gibson explained that although he does not have a set date that each improvement will be ready, they would be implementing these recruitment changes starting with the Summer 2006 enrollment.

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