No T-shirt can sway the objective press

It’s that time again, and now more than ever people you’ve never heard of have amazingly found the time to be your new best friend.

Your Facebook inbox will undoubtedly be full of everybody’s campaign platforms and invitations to all sorts of events.

Walking around campus can get you anything from a t-shirt to dinner. Many of the students of Florida A&M University are willing to accept all of the free stuff they can carry – except for those of us who work for The Famuan.

As a media outlet, it is our responsibility to remain impartial and unbiased in the upcoming elections. Staff members are not allowed to be a part of any campaign team for any candidate running for any position.

We at The Famuan have an obligation to make sure the parties and free food do not sway our coverage.

Neither candidates nor their campaign teams are allowed in our offices and a friendly note is subject to be scrutinized by several pairs of eyes.

Are we being paranoid? Maybe.

Does that mean that we miss the entire spirit of what this week is about? Probably.

Does that mean that we will have to be extra vigilant of what we print? Definitely.

But does that mean that students will continue to be able to rely on The Famuan as a fair and balanced medium? Absolutely.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the price we pay to remain objective.

Sidney Wright IV for the editorial board.