Freedom of speech up in flames

As Americans, it can be difficult at times to understand the priorities of the rest of the world. Granted, we live within the 6-inch iron walls of the U.S. Constitution (even if they may be a little porous at times).

Since the publication of a Danish political cartoon thousands of protesters took to the streets to defend Mohammed and Islam from the evils of freedom of speech.

But it’s odd how these same thousands never rallied to protest for the social, political or economic equality of women.

Why they choose a cartoon to rage war on is in itself an oddity to those under the protective curtain of the First Amendment.

Some protested peacefully, but as the protests grew, opportunists ran to the fire.

Many protesters set blazes to embassies and attacked police.

Some expressed their discontent with the United States, affectionately called the evil empire in that region.

Because there are countries where people get shot for voicing the “wrong” opinion, we should be grateful for the protection given to freedom of speech in the United States. Still, Americans often complain that it is not protected enough. Although that may be true, we should be thankful.

Imagine an America where right-winged radicals would burn down the Comedy Central and Cartoon Network buildings in reproach of “South Park” and “Moral Orel.” What would we watch then?

-Bryan Falla for the editorial board.