Students should take advantage of job fair

At least twice a semester, businesses flood Tallahassee in hopes of taking advantage of university students and offering them post graduation internships or positions.

Today, Florida A&M University will have its career fair at the Leon County Civic Center. The career fair will be from 9 a.m. – 4p.m.

According to Delores Dean, the director of FAMU’s career center, this year’s career fair will be slightly smaller but will offer students an opportunity to interview with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Boeing and Eli Lilly.

This is a not only a wonderful networking opportunity, but it’s a chance for students to perfect their interviewing skills.

Freshmen and sophomores can definitely benefit from the career fair because it gives them a chance to scope out potential employers.

Even if you don’t have an interview scheduled, it’s still a good practice to attend the career fair and pick up information on the companies of your choice.

In doing this, you get the opportunity to narrow down the companies you would like to work for and find out their expectations from an employee.

Don’t limit yourself and be confined solely to the career fairs that FAMU offers.

FSU also has career fairs and, in most cases, they are larger than those at FAMU.

Take advantage of the opportunities that the career fairs bring by being professional and stocked with resumes.

You never know who might be interested in you or the opportunities that may await you.

-Amber Vaughan for the editorial board.