Former hip-hop groupies exploit rappers for fame

Lately the only thing you have to do to get a best seller is have a few sexual escapades with a well-known rapper and take plenty of notes.

The new money making trend is writing tell-all books. 

Nowadays all you have to do is get some serious baby mama drama going. Groupies and ex-girlfriends and spouses of rappers are playing the sympathy card and winning with books.

Karrine Steffans, a former staple in various rap videos, recently authored “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” a memoir that details her relationships with some serious high rollers in the industry (DMX, Jay-Z, P.Diddy, Irv Gotti, Bobby Brown, Shaquille O’Neal and Ja Rule).   

Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas’ 10-year-old daughter Destiny, recently emerged with her new autobiography highlighting her sexual and personal encounters in the entertainment industry.

The book, “Sex Drugs And Hip-Hop – Oh, And Did I Mention Love” is a first-person account clearing alleged rumors and detailing her experiences with celebrities such as Jay-Z, Allen Iverson and Wendy Williams among others. In addition, she claimed to have been intimate with the recently wedded Nas after he began his relationship with wife, singer Kelis, over three years ago.

Of course, books like these do keep rappers who don’t know how to treat women and those that think they can get away with anything in check. However, it still doesn’t give the writers the right to use rappers as a means of partaking in lavish lifestyles.

It’s true that some rappers tend to be misogynistic, but that doesn’t give bitter exes the right to reveal intimate information.

Groupies are women who throw themselves at rappers, perform sexual favors and will forever be featured in simple-minded “shake it up” videos.

These women will do anything they have to do in order to get what they want, or at least until the cash flow stops. Then it’s time to tell secrets.

It would be ridiculous for women like this to really think that they should be taken seriously because they wrote a book.

Hopefully, groupies and ex-girlfriends will learn to just get over it rather than attempt to get even at all costs.

Yewande Addie is a freshman newspaper journalism student from Atlanta. She can be reached at