Bush appoints youngest trustee in Florida history

Governor Bush announced Tuesday that Corey Alston will serve as the newly appointed member of the Florida A&M University Board of Trustees.

According to an Office of Public Affairs press release, Interim President Castell V. Bryant was very supportive.

“I am so excited about Mr. Corey Alston joining us. I look forward to all of us working together to move FAMU to the next level,” she said.

Bryant said,” I know that we will have an extremely productive board that is committed to FAMU and its growth.”

Effective immediately, Corey Alston, a 2000 FAMU business administration graduate student from Fort Lauderdale, will replace the vacant position once served by Barney Bishop. Of the 13 people, Bush appointed 11 trustees. Out of dozens of applicant submissions, Alston was selected to fill the empty trustee position.

Alston, 27, is not just any other member of the FAMU BOT, but he has become the youngest person in history to be appointed as a university BOT member in the state of Florida.

A former student senator and class president, the new trustee has waited a long time to serve and give back to his alma mater in this magnitude.

“I am very excited about being able to serve as a BOT member. I am looking forward to working with the other trustees to help turn the university around,” Alston said.

Other members of the BOT are optimistic about Alston’s new position being the new addition.

“He has a genuine love for the university and with his abilities, he will have a great impact on the board,” David Griffin said.

Griffin, a member of the FAMU BOT, said with Alston’s background in financial planning and budgeting, it will help get FAMU’s finances back in line, which is a priority at this time.

Alston is also the CEO of Alston & Associates, a financial consulting firm. Although, his business may have his plate a little full he plans to put his full attention and time into his new position.

“My love for FAMU is so deep and I am devoting my time into this. I am going to do all I can and use my skills to this university greater,” Alston said. “I believe I can add a new perspective to the Board of Trustees and I am more than ready to do so.”

In addition to the new appointed Alston as a member of the BOT, the search for a new FAMU president is still a priority.

“It is time for us (including Alston) to move forward and find a permanent president,” Griffin said.

Bush also announced the reappointment of Pamela Duncan and Reverend R.B. Holmes. Duncan is the director of North Florida Community Business Center and Holmes is the Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church.

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