Liberian leader signals change

It hit us hard and made us realize that our time may come soon. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was sworn in as the Liberian president and the first female president in African history.

We couldn’t believe our ears that a woman (in a country where women are generally not leaders) is going to rule a country that was once little more than a war zone for 14 years.

It may take a woman to come in and clean up the damage that has been done to the country. Johnson-Sirleaf didn’t just win on a whim, she took the election 59 percent with a victory over Liberian soccer star George Weah.

Johnson-Sirleaf taking office runs parallel with Castell V. Bryant’s restructuring of Florida A&M University. Implementing shoe-in plans and doctoring up the sick aspects of the university is the same plan for Liberian’s new head-of-state.

Johnson-Sirleaf becoming Africa’s first female president opens the eyes for America to elect a female president. If the majority of America gets rid of the jitters in allowing a woman head-of-state, a position men have held for so long, then the possibility of having a female president is very likely.

Once this is accomplished, the theory of hopefully having the first black president can be fulfilled. Only time will tell.

Liberia: We wish you good luck. You are in good hands.

Nyerere Davidson for the Editorial Board.