Fashionably in tune with the seasons

Lets face it, not everyone on “the hill,” has been blessed with the most impeccable sense of fashion. 

Each fashion season calls for several unwritten rules to be followed. 

The current problem with most of the walking fashion flops is they tend to break these simple rules. 

One way to bring your wardrobe back to life is to simply comply by these rules and wear what is in season. 

Wearing clothing that is in season does not require that you spend loads of money on new clothes. 

All you have to do is wear articles of clothing that are appropriate in each respected fashion season.  Many of these rules stem from straightforward knowledge of dressing according to the weather.

The first step is to make sense out of the situation. 

The fall and winter are when the temperature decreases, so what does one wear when it’s cool outside? 

Sweaters, jackets, boots, scarves, etc. Ladies, there is no reason why you should be spotted around campus wearing sandals! 

There’s no logical fashion sense in that. Starting the first day of fall all ladies should retire their opened toe shoes and wear a nice pump, or even a good pair of boots will do.

There’s also that timeless rule concerning white. Rattlers, it is definitely after Labor Day and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should be seen on this campus wearing white bottoms of any kind, (sneakers excluded)! There is a winter white, which is basically an off-white that is acceptable.

Remember that in the fall and winter, your focus should be staying warm.  Linens are not going to get the job done, so leave those for the spring and summer. We should also try to take a turn toward wearing more earth tones and less bright colors. 

Switching the situation around to the spring, (since it is around the corner), lets take a look at the obvious. The spring and summer seasons are when the leaves are green and flowers are blooming from the trees. This is also when the heat takes over! So ladies if it is so hot outside, why are you wearing those knee-high boots again? You didn’t know they were out of season, right? Of course you didn’t!

In essence, all one needs to focus on to keep their wardrobe in season is to make sense out of the situation. Remember that dressing in season has to do with what season you are in, as well as the unwritten rules of style and fashion.

As long as you stay on that long and narrow path, you’ll be sure to end up in the land of immaculate fashion, and that’s a place we all should be headed.

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