Time has come for school to listen to student voices

Most students would agree that it is about time their voices were heard and their thoughts were taken into consideration when it comes to the university electing new officials. It’s not like leaders who do not fulfill the duties of their elected positions do not affect the student body. It is time for FAMU to be on the front page of the Tallahassee Democrat for doing something right and accolade worthy. It is time for students to hold their heads high when asked what university they attend. It is also time for elected officials to step up to the plate and finish what Castell V. Bryant has begun. According to the tallahasseedemocrat.com, the public will be able to attend public forums on designated days in January. The Student Government Association will host the forum for students; however, an exact date has yet to be assigned. Rev. R.B. Holmes Jr. is requesting a professional search firm be hired to conduct the search for a new university president, and he is also hoping this plan of action will be approved by the board of trustees. The students of FAMU are essentially the customers of the university, and no customer wants a dysfunctional product; therefore, the board of trustees, along with other university officials should be doing all they can to ensure that the students are included in this serious decision making process. At the end of the day, students and committed and knowledgeable officials are what make a university function the way it is meant to.