Intramural fall sports season prepares to kick into high gear

The 2005 fall intramural sport season is in full swing. This years fall sports include both men and women’s flag football, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, bowling and for the first time, co-ed kick-ball teams. The season kicks off this week and will continue until the first week of December.

According to Dionne Allen, Assistant Intramural Sports Coordinator, flag football is the students favorite fall sport. “We are expecting more than 23 teams this season.” Allen said. Not only is flag football the most popular, it is the most competitive. Allen says that flag football is a big deal and the players take it serious.

Other fall sports are not as lucky as flag football. Tennis and racquetball struggle to get participants. ” We expect that tennis and racquetball will have the least enrollment this fall.” Allen said. Sports that have the least participants are endangered of being cut for this season. However, they are added back to the schedule the following year for new students that want to play. “We try to accommodate the students and try to have the sports they want.” Allen said.

In the past, most intramural sports have been male dominated, but this year the intramural staff is trying to change that. “We really are trying to reach females. We have been working with the advisors of McGuinn Hall to inform women about intramural sports.” Allen said.

“I think it’s great to be , more active and and participate because girls can do the same thing boys can do,” said Latechia Johnson a 19-year-old Sophomore pre-med student from Jacksonville, Fl.

According to Courtney Smoot, a graduating MBA student from St. Louis Missouri and Marketing coordinator for campus recreation, The level of interested of women are showing in intramural sports is on the rise. “We have an aray of sports their (girls) interested in from soccer, volleyball, and basketball. We have not had a lot of girls sign up for flag football.”

“It provides equal opportunity for women to participate intramural sports,” said Kedra Lamar a 22-year-old nursing student from Monticello, Fl. “this give them an opportunity to showcase their abilities.”

More girls are becoming health conscious and active this year, said Smoot. “A lot of them want to sign-up for the fitness center, fitness challenges and just any event we’re having.”

Allen and her staff have taken extreme measures to recruit participants for this season. ” We advertise like crazy flyers, posters, the FAMUAN, and the radio. In the future we plan to work with housing to get more people,” Allen said.

“As people come by, we were pulling them to the side and showing them pictures of competitions,” said Alecia Diston, a 22-year-old MSW student from Orlando, Fl, and Office Secretary for campus recreation.

With new sports this intramural season holds high expectations.

“We’re expecting a lot of females to be involved, said Diston.” They seem to be enthusiastic about it.”

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