Payroll audit creates long lines, wait

A line of employees snaked through the University’s Grand Ballroom to comply with a school-wide payroll audit ordered by Interim President Castell V. Bryant.

Bryant ordered employees to pick up their pay checks and direct deposit slips with the appropriate identification. The president’s memo was circulated was circulated throughout the University Wednesday.

However, Bryant did not inform employees on procedures they would have to go through to receive their checks.

First, employees had to stand outside in a line that passed the TalTran Transit compost, as the line curved into the Student Union and looped around the fitness center.

Next, they had to move to a line separated in sections of the first letters of their last names to receive a Payroll Audit Verification Form, sit down and complete the form that had four occupational groups: OPS (student and non-student), faculty members, A&P employees, USPS and Staff Graduate Assistants.

Then, employees had to stand in another line determined by last name where they turned in the form and finally received checks or employee earning statements.

Along with the many people standing in line was University Director of Public Affairs LaNedra Carroll.

“This payroll audit is common practice at any business and organization,” she said.

Carroll also said there are two days allocated for this process, but people chose to wait in line Thursday.

“This is unprofessional. We are out here in the rain,” Shanae Eppinger said. Eppinger, 20, is a business administration student from Miami.

The OPS/ TRIO employee said an e-mail went out Thursday saying employees needed to be out here during certain times.

The lengthy lines on the Set were filled with employees holding umbrellas and waiting patiently.

With an exemption of employees on an approved leave, everyone employed by the University are required to pick up his or her check or check stub by April 1.

“If people choose to stay here longer than two hours, we will probably accommodate them with water,” Carroll said.

Bryant gave her reasons for the audit in a press release issued Thursday.

“The payroll audit is a common practice that will help the university end the fiscal year in the black,” Bryant said. “It is just another measure that we are taking here at the University.”

A source who did not want to be identified because of fear of loosing his or her job said, “I have been here and this seems to be a tedious process.”

They said first, people are fired, and now they are waiting in line for checks.

The individual said Bryant is so busy with her deficit, but what about the last six years.

“People have children to pick up. If you don’t pick up your check by tomorrow, you can be terminated or written up.”

Janie Greenleaf, human resource administrator, said, “We are here to accommodate them and to service them.”

Donald Beckwith, equipment manager for the department of music, said, “The entire music department was standing in line at 2 p.m.”

Beckwith said they allotted 2:30 p.m. to be the time to assist FAMU employees. He said if you come without the proper materials, you would be turned around.

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