Letter to the editor:

Abuse and rap have no correlation

I read the column in Friday’s paper on domestic violence and rap and I wanted to commend the writer on a job well done!

He really put his foot in that article and made many points that people aren’t willing to understand.

I truly think there isn’t a connection between rap and domestic violence. Some women prefer to be beat and if they’re not, they don’t feel loved. While other women are just too scared to leave the man who is doing the beating, when in fact he is going to kill her whether she stays. I think it’s a self-esteem, self-love and self-worth issue. If more women of all races are taught to love themselves at an early age, domestic violence wouldn’t be as big a problem as it is now-a-days.

Thanks for addressing this issue, for it is a growing concern for students on Florida A& M University’s campus and within the Tallahassee community.

E.M.DickensDepartment of Financial ServicesDivision of AdministrationErica.Dickens@fldfs.com