Chairman explains Electoral Commission

The spring election season is a busy time for us all. Candidates are busy vying for votes, campaign teams are in full effect, and it seems as if many other University functions take a break in the midst of the election excitement.

For the 34th Student Senate – namely the Elections and Appointments Committee – this is not the case.

The Elections and Appointments Committee, also known as the E&A committee, is the body within the Student Senate whose purpose is to monitor and set the policy for campus elections.

Basically, we revise the SGA Election Codes, approve the point system (whereby candidates receive points for violating Election Codes), confirm precinct supervisors and approve Election Protection Volunteers. In short, we do much of the behind the scenes work leading up to the election.

The role of the E&A Committee during the Election Season is much less intensive. This is due to the fact that the Electoral Commission is the only body that can actually levy points, disqualify candidates, approve campaign materials, and perform all other duties directly related to the elections. Thus, the E&A Committee simply assists the Electoral Commission during the days of actual campaigning.

This year, the E&A Committee is working with the Electoral Commission and the Office of Student Union and Activities to ensure a safe, fun and fair election season.

One exciting development is the addition of a voting precinct at the Law School in Orlando. Other new initiatives are being considered to promote a fair election. Among them are hiring Leon County poll workers to man precincts and ballot boxes, in addition to setting up cameras in the voting precinct.

Also, on Thursday, the day of runoff elections, the 34th Student Senate will host the Voter’s Comedy Jam in Gaither Gymnasium. The comedy show is free.

Also, students should pick up tickets when they vote during the runoff elections. There are additional features, including several comedians, of which Arnez J. is the most notable.

We look forward to serving you in promoting a safe and fun election season!