2005 Miss FAMU Candidate – Kimberly Brown


Recruiting year round (On the Road)

The primary duty of Miss FAMU and the Royal Court is to help in the recruitment of students to our university. As your next Miss FAMU I plan to serve as an effective recruiting instrument by having in-depth knowledge about the disciplines that our university offers to accurately direct and inform potential students about the services that FAMU offers. Additionally, I plan to lobby to the university president about the importance of recruiting year round instead of just in the fall semester. Year round recruiting can be achieved through utilizing away basketball games in the spring similar to where football games are used for recruiting in the fall.

The Black Attack (Campus)

Florida A&M University developed out of a rich and deep history, from a time of blacks being deprived of minimal education to being the number one producer of black pharmaceutical doctors in the nation. For that reason alone, university faculty, staff, and students should appreciate black history, celebrate black culture, and stay abreast on issues that affect us. “The Black Attack” is the mechanism to do so. The program is designed according to a three-prong media strategy. Professionals in the areas of black history, psychology, philosophy, religion, etc will share their expertise as a means to inspire young people and spark their interest in such issues via the FAMUAN, 90.5 The Flava Station and Journey Magazine. It is critical that student leaders be at the forefront of such a movement because there is still work to be done.


Coronation For Kids

Each year guests at the royal court coronation give gifts of twenty-five dollars or more to Miss and Mr. FAMU as a traditional token of appreciation. With the number of people in attendance, the value of the offerings is a staggering amount. Although the tradition is one of good intent, there are those who could definitely use a sizeable donation much more than members of the royal court. “Coronation for Kids” calls for having these guests purchase gifts of the same value for underprivileged children in the Tallahassee community instead of the gifts going to the royal court.


Highway to Haiti

All too often we psychologically distance ourselves from problems outside of our restricted residences. People of color all over the globe are suffering from racial, social and economic angst. Due to ongoing governmental problems and extreme weather conditions, Haitians are suffering daily. With access to United States resources, the student body has the muscle to make a difference. According to the “Highway to Haiti” initiative, the royal court will work alongside the Haitian Culture Club to determine specific needs of the people and fundraise to meet them. Established events sponsored by the Royal Court such as Showtime at the Apollo can be utilized for this cause.