Abortion, nothing more than a distortion of the mindthinking its fine, to agreeyou say that if it happened to mei’d feel differently, have more sympathybut i don’t and i probably won’tcuz i’ll never understand, how a womancould end a life that’s been given,and yes, i believe its livin’,never allowed to grow, never given a chanceall cuz you didn’t think you’d get knocked upfrom a one night standyou made the decision when you laid in the sackGod you threw you a precious fishnow you wanna throw it backHe made each individual specialno matter what the situationbut now you want to slap him in the faceby destroying his creationNow i do feel sorry for the little girls in the worldwho were ripped of their innocence,preciousness, and pearlsbut don’t you agree that a young childisn’t mentally able to understand whyshe’s laying cold, frightened, and half nakedon a hard metal tablefor the rest of her life she’llhave psychological problems thatwill never be erasedonly memories of pain, bloodand agony will be traced.And i even sympathize with grown womenwho are raped but aren’t you doingthe same thing to the childbefore it has even been shapedyou rape the child of its life, itschance to have a heart beatits chance at growing arms and legsand tiny little feetthe chance of growing upand becoming successful in lifeyour baby will never get a chanceat being a husband or a wifeyou infringe on the lifeand the rights of your seedyour a MURDERER, filled with nothingbut selfishness and greedyou say its your body andyou can do what you pleasebut what if your motherwould’ve rid youlike you were a disease?Abortion is nothing more thana cop outcuz everytime you getknocked upyou can wipe your hands cleancuz you run to the abortion cliniclike its a crack houseand your a dope feencuz after one abortionyou always want anotheruntil one day the doctor saysthat you’ll never be a motherand you’ll lay their filledwith burden and shameknowing the the word “mommy”will never be your nameand when you realizethis is ityou’ll never be blessed again withfertilityyou’ll remember the times you should’vejust taken care of yourRESPONSIBILITY!