Ivy league A’s don’t live up to hype

Well, it seems America’s best and brightest have made the news again.

Again, grade inflation has become an issue for the Ivy League. The top-notch students seem to be having a trouble earning their grades honestly.

For years, the Ivy leaguers have considered themselves the elite. Graduates of these universities go on to become corporate executives, and imagine this, even the president of the United States.

Hmm? That really explains quite a bit.

Grade inflation at these prestigious universities has been an issue for a while now.

According to the Yale Daily News, the Boston Globe reported that 91 percent of Harvard undergraduates strolled across the stage at commencement with an honor cord around their elite necks. Some of them deserved it, but it seems that many of them did not.

But I will shoot the messenger because according to Harvard University, Yale is even more lenient with its grades.

As Yale and Harvard go head to head in The Slackers of the Ivy League Championship, Princeton University sits outside the ring snickering at its fellow league mates.

Princeton is waiting to announce its big plan that will leave both Harvard and Yale nursing their eyes with big slabs of filet mignon.

Last week, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution , Princeton announced that it would make it more difficult for students to get A’s.

Yes, it is true.Gone are the days, of effortless achievement. Here are the days of achievement with merit.

Princeton has decided to put a cap on A’s. Professors can only give A’s to 35 percent of their students in a semester.

The Princeton kids are really going to start earning their grades.

I am frankly disgusted by all of this.

High School students bust their rear ends to get into these schools, so that they could be among the crème-de-la-crème. The purpose of all of this is…?

I suppose for some of these kids the effort stops at high school.

When grades are given or caps are placed, no one wins.

I point my finger at the professors. They are the ones that have gotten their universities in this mess. If they just did their jobs and taught, everyone would receive what they deserved.

This ivy league mess really puts a new twist on “you get what you pay for.”

Thank God I am a Rattler.

Kia M. Clark is a senior public relations student from Atlanta. She can b e reached at kiamclark@hotmail.com.