RE:”University Should Ban Smoking” from Wednesday Jan. 12, 2005

Personally, I have never had a problem with smoking on campus. In fact, I was fairly surprised my first year at FAMU to see the lack of smoking. I believe less smoking is seen on our campus than at other schools in Tallahassee. Althought I haven’t noticed “packs” of smokers, I believe certain areas should be smoke-free. Open areas such as the set and quadrangle should be smoke-free. A designated area may be a good idea for people not wanting to drop the habbit.

I’m sure smoking students see the students read and comprehend the warnings on tobacco products and, like the law says, by 18 on should understand the facts. That’s why smoking is a choice. Banning smoking would drive smoking into dorm rooms, bathrooms or other indoor areas, more dangerous than smoking outside. I strongly disagree that allowing smoking would lead to smoking marijuana in front of Lee Hall or beng liquor drinking by Perry Page. The fact is some students and faculty choose to smoke and as long as the smoking is left outside in the open air, it’s okay.

If smokeing is a problem now, start a support group to help people realize the problem. FAMU has always has a clean image to me.

Michael Bean20, Magazine Production and French 763 7857