University should ban smoking

I was geared up and ready to become a college student in the fall of 2000. Sure, the University admissions office said they could not find my high school transcript three times, but that is another story all in itself.

However, I was not as disappointed at the personnel error so much as I am with students smoking on campus. I gasp when the smoke smacks me in the face while walking behind a smoking student.

These cancer sticks have become popular over the years to students on FAMU’s campus. I have seen people smoke everything from cigarettes to Black&Mild Cigars on campus.

According to the American Cancer Society Web site,, “Some kinds of cancer are caused by things people do. Smoking can cause cancers of the lungs, mouth, throat, bladder, kidneys and several other organs, as well as heart disease and stroke. Smoking increases a person’s chances of getting cancer.”

Although these facts are written and well researched, students still smoke.

I think student smoking on a University campus should not be permitted. Administrators have done nothing to deter student smoking.

What’s next? Bull Mart Liquor and Marijuana?

Walking from class to class, you will possibly encounter groups of young men, in packs, hanging by brick walls, smoking. It reminds me of Liberty City and Overtown. If any of you are from Miami, you know what I mean.

I am almost disgusted to walk by. We are not in the ‘hood. We are at an accredited institution. Please put your ghetto, or “hood”, on the shelf and represent it with more tact and not on this campus.

I went to Bethune-Cookman College and watched a female student smoking in front of a major hall called White Hall, and she was apprehended by B-CC’s campus security.

According to Jacquelyn Gibson, a police officer at B-CC, it is a smoke free institution.

“If students and faculty fail to comply with the request from the officer, they will be fined,” Gibson said. She said the students and faculty usually comply with the officer’s request.

I feel that FAMU should implement this rule to abolish second-hand smoking. And since our institution is larger than B-CC, our prospective smoker rate may be higher. A smoke free institution reassures less fire hazard.

Andy Balogh, the director of FAMU’s department of Environmental Health and Safety said there are no laws about smoking outside of the buildings, but there are rules about smoking inside of buildings.

“Campus police would more so enforce laws about smoking on campus,” he said.

Student smoking on FAMU’s campus is very disrespectful.

If a petition to discontinue it would be passed around I would definitely put my John Hancock on it.

Anthony S. Ray Jr., 23, is a senior newspaper journalism student from Miami. He is The Famuan’s Online editor. Contact him at