Governor may be next Bush in White House

After four painstaking disasters in the state of Florida, Gov. Jeb Bush recently joined Secretary of State Colin Powell on a trip to Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand to assist with relief efforts for the tsunami-wrecked countries. The trip was the first made by high-ranking U.S. governmental officials, which sets the pace for our country.

Jeb Bush’s humanitarian efforts and personal commitment to oversee efforts to help these countries has raised much skeptic talks about him being the next Bush to run for the U.S. presidency.

Bush has repeatedly rejected analyst’s notions that he is interested in taking a step toward a higher platform in American government. He arguably claims that his experience with this state’s overwhelming hurricane season sparked his relief efforts. His benevolent heart during the hurricanes increased his popularity in Florida, now he has the chance to gain popularity worldwide.

Although the disasters in Florida could never amount to the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and the millions of people without food, shelter and water, Gov. Bush has had more than enough experience pacifying natural disaster victims.

Could all of this international exposure change his mind?

Of course, the U.S. relief efforts and the trip overseas seems custom-made for a White House hopeful seeking to bolster his resume.

Bush could inevitably change his mind between now and 2008.

Careless mistake shows disregard for life

Five innocent people were accidentally killed in Mosul, Iraq when a U.S. bomb landed on the wrong target, and according to military officials, the target was nearby. However, this unfortunate, deadly mistake should have been avoided at all costs.

Making mistakes in war by killing innocent people and adding to needless deaths is something that affects all people.

According to, the U.S. forces, “were searching for an insurgent leader.” Before bombing something, you should be sure that your search is over, and that you have found your target.

The United States is a blessed country. Even though we have participated in many wars, we have not had to endure a war on our own soil. Perhaps when our government decides to send our troops to bomb someone, they should consider what it would be like if the war was on U.S. soil, and the enemy troops were missing targets and killing innocent people.

Sept. 11, 2001 is not that far in the past that we cannot remember how the loss of innocent lives affected the entire country. The lives in Iraq are no less important than any other life in America or abroad.

Let’s hope the U.S. military will be sure to double check their targets from now on and avoid killing as many innocent people as possible.