Too many R&B artists promote thug life

Why is there so much talk about hip hop struggling today?

Many people say it’s because artists are about record sales instead of putting out music that comes from the heart and soul, which is where music is really supposed to come from.

Music didn’t start and become popular from taking what people think is cool at the present time and making a song about it. Music was made to touch people. And musicians used to make music from their own experiences and feelings about things.

So why am I ranting and raving about how music should be made?

Because of this new song I heard. You might have heard it too. It’s called “Soldier,” and the group who put it together is Destiny’s Child.

What is “Soldier” about? It’s about what’s popular today.

And what is that? Thugs.

These days, women seem to be more interested in somebody who dresses flashy, has a nice car and is known for his thuggish ways and the money he has stashed. So I can’t believe someone as original as Beyonce’ could come out with a song like this. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it did come from the heart. Maybe they do like thugs like everyone else. I mean, she does date Jay-Z, who made albums based on his multiple stories of a past thug life.

That’s why being a thug is becoming popular today. Some men look at this and say, “Well it’s working, why change?”

Some women, and now some R&B artists, encourage it. They fall right away for the dude living or supposedly living that thug life

So then, what are the things that Destiny’s Child likes about those thugs?

Somebody with their “grill gleamin’, whip clean, street credibility, eyes low from chiefin'” and – again – has to be hood. And that’s just the first verse. The chorus talks about “if his status ain’t hood, he betta be street if he looking at me, and known to carry big things.”

Some superstar R&B artists are telling girls that look up to them, “Look for men who have gold teeth, a fancy car, someone who is known on the streets, carries guns and knows what they mean by taking care of them.”

I hope that doesn’t mean hurting somebody else on their behalf or taking a bullet for them, because that’s just more violence to come. A cycle is being promoted and Destiny’s Child did not help matters by coming out with “Soldier.”

I can see thugs watching this video together giving each other five thinking that’s what all women want. People need to watch out after this song. It can only mean more gold teeth, more hooked-up cars and definitely more murders with men carrying “big things.”

Royce Wynn is a junior public relations student from Bowie, Md. He is the assistant Lifestyles editor. Contact him at