Modeling Troupe to perform collection of original designs

FACES Modeling Troupe will demonstrate a new side of modeling Saturday in the Leon County Civic Center.

The theme of the show, “Down in the Trenches…The Take Over,” concentrates on the troupe’s rise from death. Founded in 1997, FACES Modeling Troupe is fairly new compared to other modeling troupes such as E! Epicurean Fashion Experience and Images Modeling Troupe.

Members said they feel like it is time to stand apart and grow.

Mike Stallings, who is the director and fashion coordinator, a junior education student from Jacksonville, along with Angela Pitts, who is also a fashion coordinator, created the idea of designing all the clothing themselves.

“I’m not getting paid to advertise Sean John,” said Stallings.

Stallings said he believes that FACES can do what professional fashion designers do. This will be the first time that a modeling troupe has attempted to model an entire collection without any professional designs.

“Everyone will have their own unique looks within the concepts,” said Jerry Lightfoot, co-director for FACES and a 19 year old, junior bio-medical engineering student from Atlanta.

FACES has the opportunity to make their creative presence known on FAMU’s campus.

“We are trendsetters and the clothes you see in the show will not be the clothes that you see on the Set on Fridays,” said Stallings.

FACES is promising an interesting performance full of originality and non-stop entertainment.

Members have been preparing for the show since September, practicing three days a week.

FACES members said for the past three weeks, practices have been everyday and models have been working extremely hard and are expecting the show to be a big success.

Monique Worthen, the president and a senior elementary education student from Jacksonville, has been a member of FACES since 2001 and she is excited about the “Take Over .”

“It is different from anything we’ve ever done,” Worthen said.

“The clothes and props are more elaborate,” she added.

Making sure the models achieve perfection is Lightfoot’s job.

Lightfoot said he and Stallings work closely together to put on the best show possible.

Not only will FACES model, but they will entertain as well.

Supporters include the ROTC and FACES members from the University of Florida and the University of South Florida. Dance troupes such as Divas of FAMU and Collage of Florida State University are also expected performances.

Tickets to the show can currently be purchased from members of FACES Modeling Troupe and at the ticket booth Thursday.

Prices are $6 for general admission and $8 for VIP.

The doors will open at 6 pm and the show will start at 7 p.m.

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