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As my column, Frankly Speaking predicated, FAMU, the only traditionally Black State University located in Tallahassee Florida has been effectively taken out of the equation as a force in Election 2004. TV news Wednesday, September 28, 2004 reported that The FAMU board of Trustees voted to terminate the contract of President Fred Gainous as of immediately! This will effectively sabotage any efforts of the university in this year’s election.

In the US presidential Election 2000, FAMU played a critical role in the process of opposing now President G. W. Bush. The students lead by FAMU’s Student Body President, kept up the pressure of opposing G. W. by swelling the ranks of the protesters demonstrating on the capital grounds in Tallahassee, Florida and organizing voter registration and getting on the vote. As we remember the Governor became so irritated that he cursed the students and some of the Black Florida Legislators. Jeb Bush was even caught on TV throwing some of the Black representatives out of the State Capital Offices!

Election 2004 has shaped up to be another blockbuster for the presidency. There are signs of voting misconduct being challenged at this very moment. Today on CSPAN some representatives from Florida were saying that there were no Black disenfranchised during Election 2000. These representatives were most visibility angry that some citizens who were calling in by phone voiced the concern that this election would be a repeat of the last election 2000, full of mischief and fraud!!

But now that FAMU has become preoccupied with the matter of leadership it has this diversion as a deliberate activity to take up their time. However, the timing is just right for those who would like to keep FAMU in chaos and in confusion at this time in particular. Yes, how convenient.

Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, Chemist, Educator, Professor, WriterLook forward to hearing from readers!!!jscru5750@aol.comhttp://franklyspeaking.info/