Alumna receives warm welcome at campus booksigning

Victoria Pilate, a Florida A&M University alumna held a book signing for her book “Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms” on Thursday at the University bookstore. The signing, featuring the School of Business and Industry graduate was originally scheduled for last week but was postponed due to Hurricane Ivan.

One professor said the book could be useful in the classes he is teaching this semester.

“I am going to talk about it today. I will probably use it in my organizational behavior and business ethics classes,” said George Clark, associate professor in the School of Business and Industry. “It covers topics like sexual harassment, which we discuss in business ethics.”

Clark, who had Pilate as a student, remembered that she often sat in the back of the classroom, but made memorable contributions to class discussions.

Clark said that he hopes the book will give students some tidbits on how to prepare themselves for going into corporate America.

“Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms” may be incorporated into SBI’s professional development courses next semester.

Assistant professor of marketing Annette Singleton said the book would be a great addition to such courses.

“Although a lot of the schools have professional development programs, the more tips, the better,” Singleton said.

Singleton said the book would allow students to see beyond the artificial world of the college campus, and familiarize themselves with the reality of surviving in corporate America.

“It sounds like something students need to read,” Singleton said.

Students were inspired to buy the book because it provided survival tips for those who are going directly from school to the workforce.

“I hope to learn how to be an effective worker and gain the tools I need to one day be a successful manager,” said Renita Bryant, a 22-year-old graduate student from Fort Valley, Ga.

Victoria Stroud, a senior business management student from Cincinnati, Ohio said she would be able to relate the topics covered in the book to her career path.

“I was flipping through the book and it seems like there are some relevant topics like workplace irritations and office personalities,” Stroud said.

In addition to teaching students how to excel in corporate America, the book provides coverage of topics unrelated to the business world.

“There seems to be some more personal topics such as dealing with acne and the basics of good health,” Stroud said. The book also provides tips on finding apartments that suit students needs and solving roommate conflicts like drug addictions and overnight guests.

Pilate said she was happy to be back at the University.

“It’s nice to see the campus again and all of the changes that have occurred,” she said.

The author was also appreciative of the efforts made by the staff at the bookstore.

“I would like to thank them for all of the work they did in coordinating the event,” Pilate said. “I am glad the book will remain in the store so that students can come by and thumb through it, and maybe purchase it later.”

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