Sophomores make plans to heighten awareness

After the first few weeks of any fall semester, student government officials begin to scramble to make plans to enlighten and entertain students. In order to avoid a lapse between events, the sophomore class and SGA has proposed a number of activities for the class and the rest of the student body.

With thousands of sophomores living off campus for the first time, the sophomore leadership has placed an emphasis on a collective maturation process. Many of the activities that Sophomore Class President Phillip Agnew and his constituents are most excited about focusing on are enhancing the class’ civil and social awareness.

A mentoring program for Tallahassee youth has been planned with the hope that the sophomore class will benefit from directly interacting with the community. Plans for a volunteer effort at a local homeless shelter are also aimed at increasing the class’ appreciation for their civil duties and responsibilities.

Along with other members of the sophomore class, sophomore leadership has planned a memorial service in dedication to Justin Applewhite, a FAMU student who was killed in a car accident over the summer. The memorial, which will be held on Monday, Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. in Perry Paige, is meant to unify the class in the face of tragedy and console those students most affected by Applewhite’s passing. Family and friends of Applewhite are scheduled to be in attendance and several campus organizations have volunteered their talents for performances.

A lecture series will also be held throughout the year in Lee Hall. The series is intended to familiarize the student body with a number of influential scholars, each with their own field of expertise. Among the topics to be discussed will be financial aid advice, and guidance on the possibilities for students to gain further insight into alternative methods of investing money.

“We’re going for a more mature experience this year,” Agnew said.

As a result of so many sophomore students leaving campus to live elsewhere for the first time, a signiicant decrease in campus awareness is being anticipated.

“We’re just trying to bring the sophomore class back to campus with community service and other fun events,” said Sophomore Class Vice President William Miller.

Although the sophomore class leaders are paying special attention to community events, they also recognize that entertainment is a necessary outlet for every student. A fundraising car wash will be held during Parent’s Weekend at the beginning of October.

Amire Tonsul, a Sophomore Class Cabinet member, said, “The class hopes to unify the student body and highlight their talents with their events.”

A number of events have already been scheduled for this year’s homecoming, including a parade and fashion show. Tonsul said that the transition of the sophomore class has already been made apparent and that the events planned reflect that change.

“This class has unlimited possibilities because we’re more unified now as sophomores,” Tonsul said.

“We hope that this can be a year with more substance. We’re trying to make sure our class is more informed”, Agnew said.

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