Inefficiency still prevails

While we should be settled into our new classes, new apartments and budgeting our net checks to cover our bills until January, some students are still camping out in Foote-Hilyer.

The University should be commended for getting many net checks out in a timely fashion, but many students are still waiting on one to arrive.

Those students have grown weary from waking up early to stand in the financial aid line and leaving hours later wondering why they even enrolled at FAMU this semester. They are growing tired of hearing the same excuses from administrative officials.

Although there is a new Enterprise Resource Planning system in place to make the University more efficient, the same inefficient people work in financial aid and student accounts. Because of their inability to navigate the new system, it is further delaying an already tedious process.

The University seems set on sticking with this trend of misguided and poorly planned attempts at improvement.

But at some point, the administrators must stop, regroup and figure out how to fix these problems instead of letting them continue to fester.

United States

set dangerous trend

As Russia stands firm on its ability to use pre-emptive strikes, the global repercussions of the U.S.-led attack on Iraq are beginning to become more apparent.

When President George W. Bush first announced his intentions to strike Iraq in March 2003, speculation ran rampant that other nations may follow suit and issue pre-emptive strikes. However, Russia’s recent statements have given a face to the critics’ claims.

The dangerous precedent that was set by the pre-emptive strike on Iraq is finally taking shape. Russia has indicated that the attacks may focus on multiple nations that it has yet to name.

Bush has already pledged to support Russia in its time of need in its battle against terrorism. With this vow, the United States may be on the brink of participating in another pre-emptive strike.

This is a dangerous pattern that is making the United States a global bully as opposed to the global policing unit that Bush is painting the nation to be.

And as a bully, the United States becomes a major threat to many nations.

Using the logic that we set into motion, other countries now have a precedent to pre-emptively strike the United States.

We must find a new method to take a stand against global terrorism because the United States is entering into a dangerous cycle of kill or be killed