The art of Chinese placement balances home, business

After your last class of the day, you are looking forward to stretching out on your couch and watching television.

In your mind, going home is like butter melting on bread, and you can taste it.

But, as soon as you walk into your home, you immediately feel frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed out even though you had a good day.

Your mind starts racing, going back and forth from the day’s events, but you remember that your day was an exceptionally good one. So what could possibly be wrong?

It could be that the chi, or energy, in your home is not balanced.

But there is a remedy for this: The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.

It can solve the imbalance in your life, home and business.

“It [Feng Shui] identifies natural energy flow for health, wealth and happiness in every home and business,” said Raymond Catchpole, Chairman of The Feng Shui Society in London. “Physical surroundings directly affect our inner energy and attitudes.”

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is “wind and water” and is the art of Chinese placement. Placing furniture in your home or building your business in the wrong direction can throw off your chi.

According to, by altering the chi of your surroundings in the proper way, you can promote happiness, good health and prosperity.

The Chinese believe that using the elements of Feng Shui properly can promote an overall sense of well-being.

These elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water, according to The Elements of Feng Shui by Man-Ho Kwok with Joanne O’brien.

Directions are also an important part of this art.

Placing furniture or building a home or office in the wrong direction, according to the Pa Che, or personal compass, can cause an imbalance.

The principles and elements of Feng Shui have been around for centuries and are based on balancing the forces of nature and the universe.

The ancient Chinese originally had to be taught these principles orally from an experienced teacher called a master.

Today, there are schools that teach Feng Shui interior design courses and Feng Shui consultants who can help you rid yourself of the unnecessary clutter that can cause your life, home and work to be unbalanced.

“There are teachers today who call themselves masters, but often this is a self-assumed title which has no power of lineage behind it,” said Catchpole, who has been studying the art of Feng Shui for 20 years and consulting for nine years.

Properly applying Feng Shui can be a difficult task.

Going to the local library and checking out books on the elements of Feng Shui is a good start.

However, according to Catchpole, there is no better way to apply Feng Shui than by receiving a consultation.

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