University difficulties provide life lessons

Why did I come to FAMU?

That question probably runs across many students’ and faculty members’ minds everyday.

I did not come to deal with confusion, lack of preparation and an unorganized staff. Most students can attest to running around FAMU’s campus trying to find out what happened to their financial aid, housing assignment or adviser so that they can register for classes.

FAMU personnel is not great at answering phones, so we get a great work out climbing the campus that sits on the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee.

The list of complaints could continue, but I want to stop the criticism from all the people at FAMU who do not recognize what makes FAMU special.

I love FAMU because it’s a place of opportunity, growth and a great education and don’t forget about the fun on the Hill.

FAMU is a prerequisite course for life. Some miscommunication between the administration and students that happens at the University could be prevented.

But in life, we do not have a choice of what unexpected trials or tribulations we must go through.

What college in America does not have their share of problems?

What college stays in existence for over 100 years if they are not doing something right?

Annually, corporations and organizations recruit their minority talent from FAMU.

It is one of the top schools for National Achievement Scholars and it has been named “College of the Year” by the Princeton Review because the best and brightest minds achieve great things after they leave the Hill.

And students continually raise the bar every year to achieve great things out in the world.

Students should feel honored to be a part of this historically rich institution. Where else can a student go to school, receive great Southern cooking and meet the most intelligent people?

Where else can he or she receive personal attention from their professors, learn life lessons and have the honor of hearing the best marching band in America?


Keith Jones is a senior public relations student from Kansas City, Kan. Contact him at