Housing office cancels moves from Paddyfote, Polkinghorn

In the midst of preparing to be relocated from their current housing assignments, residents of the Paddyfote Complex and Polkinhorn Village were greeted by a sign stating: “Attention Students! The ‘Housing Moves’ that were scheduled to begin on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2004, HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.” The sign was posted Wednesday evening on the doors of Paddyfote and Polkinhorn.

“Are you serious?” said Chris Parks, 18, a freshman from Birmingham, Ala. “My parents were on their way down to Tallahassee to help me move in my new apartment and buy me the things I needed. And I had to call and tell them I am not moving anymore. Pure garbage.”

According to the housing department, Paddyfote will remain open, but students living in the one and two bedroom apartments in Polkinhorn will be moved to Palmetto.

Students were outraged and even more confused when they learned that the boxes they had been packing were not going anywhere.

Almost immediately, students went to their resident assistants and housing officials to see about the sudden change.

All questions and concerns were then sent to Assistant Director of Housing Bernard Kelly and Director of Housing Oscar Crumity.

When Kelly was asked about the current housing situation he said, “I am not authorized to answer any questions to the press, please go see Mr. Crumity.”

“I think the FAMU administration is iffy,” said Stanley Simmons, 18, from Los Angeles. “They don’t know what they want to do. If you ask me FAMU’s word doesn’t mean anything to me now.”

Crumity and the Office of Student Affairs were unable to make a comment concerning the reluctant decision to keep open Paddyfote and Polkinhorn Village.

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