Pharmacy dean submits resignation

Provost Larry Robinson officially accepted the resignation of Henry Lewis III, dean of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Wednesday, at a press conference in Lee Hall.

Robinson said Dean Lewis will give up his title Sept. 10.

“We made every attempt possible to deal with the issues Dean Henry Lewis III expressed, however, some of the issues are university-wide and we must protect the integrity of our school and all the academic programs on campus,” Robinson said.

In Lewis’ resignation letter incomparable and inadequate resources were listed among his reasons for leaving.

According to President Fred Gainous, Dean Lewis will be missed and the task to replace him will be a very challenging one for the faculty.

“Dean Henry L. Lewis III has brought measurable recognition and prestige to the school, has demonstrated FAMU spirit and we thank him for all of his achievements,” Gainous said. “It will take tremendous effort to fill his shoes.”

Currently, Provost Robinson has appointed Robert Thomas, who previously served as associate dean in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, to serve as interim dean of the college. Thomas also served as dean of the College of Pharmacy at Xavier University.

“The resignation of Dean Lewis was a severe loss and we shall forever be in debt to him for his 26 years of service to the school,” Thomas said.

We thank Dean Lewis for his vision and leadership that has brought the school success nationwide.”

Thomas said the college will overcome this obstacle and continue its success and merit.

“The school has a very strong foundation built on a strong faculty, staff and student body,” Thomas said. “We will continue striving to be among the best of the other 90 colleges and schools in pharmacy. I appreciate this opportunity and I pledge to stand strong for the betterment of the school.”

Dean Lewis’ responsibilities as an assistant professor will begin in early September, according to Vice President for Development Love Collins III.

“We are in the process of deciding his duties for the pharmacy school at this time,” Collins said.

Collins said the search for a new dean will begin immediately. Cynthia Hughes Harris, dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences, is the chair of the dean search committee.

Currently, Thomas is undecided as to whether he will be applying for the position as dean of the college.

“This is a moment in time that is difficult and challenging,” said Thomas. “At this point in time, I would like to do the best job possible as the interim dean.”

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