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PRIVATIZE THE PRISONER OF WAR HOLDING AND INTERROGATION IN IRAQ!! It must have occurred to Mr. Rove and Cheney, who have both passed on to the President by now, that the job of holding and interrogating Iraq prisoners should be Privatized and contracted to Halliburton (, May 3, 2004). This will be in keeping with the present domestic practice of privatization of American jails using for-profit-companies. In fact not to long ago the idea of allowing private-for-profit prisons to accept prisoners from other countries to be housed in the US with present facilities was seen attached to a bill in the Congress! There would be great advantages in this approach of handling prisoners of war. The contractor would be paid so much pre head and so much if they forced the prisoners to give a head! Then there is the deflecting of the responsibility for any miss conduct in the regular torturing of prisoners. In the time it took of any complaint of prisoners to get through the International Courts several wars could have been completed. It would make it easier to handle prisoners such as Hussein and Big Ben Laden, both of whom America would like to take at the right time, but have both men treated with the date rape drug “Ecstasy” to wipe out their reality and memory of dealing with the US in their good times!! In fact America has the experience in the privatization of jails. The conditions reported by the prisoners of war camps in Iraq are all to familiar in the US jails today. I 1997 wrote in about of private jails in Florida, “Recently, I awoke from a nightmare. I was dreaming that I was still working for The Florida State Department of Education and visiting the many Juvenile Justice (JJC) Centers in Florida. . . . . I was recalling one visit to a center in central Florida. I was in the compound walking with one of the guards to a class room. Suddenly a young boy was tugging at my arm. He began to plead with me, ” Please take me with you Dr. Sir . I’ll be good!!” The guard quickly moved between me and shoved the boy aside in the same motion moving me forward at a faster pace. I asked, “how old is the boy and what was he in for?” He’s in here for being in the way of harm.” The guard responded. “He is about 12 years old. His mother’s boy friend was on drugs and trying to have sex with the boy.” About 30 minutes later I heard the same boy screaming, “help me, help me, kill me, kill me!!” The guard turned to me and said that every thing was ok and that. the little boy was being made a girl. In about 45 minutes the “meat wagon emergency vehicle” drove up. Two men went onto the community shower and removed to boy on a stretcher. “He alright, he is a girl now,” said the guard. “What else do you want to see,” he asked. I responded, “I would like to see the other side of the gate if you please.” This is man’s inhumanity to man. Once any man or group is dehumanized he or they can be subjected to many cruelties without a feeling of guilt on the part of the persons in power!!

Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, Chemist, Educator, Professor, WriterLook forward to hearing from readers!!!jscru5750@aol.com