Behold a lady

A good woman is more precious than anything. This month is a time that many women’s history facts will be made known to the average person. It may seem as if a month just to quote women such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton, but women’s history month is deeper than historical facts.

Like black history month, women’s history month gives inspiration. It gives many women the feeling of “I can.” Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman were two great women. But what is greater than their historic significance, is that they were what a good woman ought to be.

Truth was a slave woman who was sold many times. Eventually, she would run away from her last slave master and take her infant son with her. Truth would later on become one of the greatest speakers.

Tubman persevered despite being severely beaten by a slave master when she was 12 years old. Through the Underground Railroad, Tubman would later help hundreds of slaves escape from their slave masters. Truth and Tubman represented good women.

I see numerous physically attractive women on campus. Sometimes, however, I wonder about their values.

Are they concerned about their appearance or character? Is she concerned about building up her closet or the hopes of a friend?

A good woman has an inner strength that is unparalleled. Truth and Tubman demonstrated and defined the strength of a good woman.

Being independent can represent strength, but helping others to be free is greater strength. I urge the women of FAMU to look for and understand the meaning of a good woman.

African tribes recognized black women as the backbones of civilization and that understanding has been prevalent in many American households. Samela Lewis, a black artist, writer and educator said, “Black women are nurturers. We nurture our families by seriously listening to and seriously considering what they tell us.”

Black men have been dependent on the strength of black women for years. Whether that continues, will depend upon the women.

Rudy Jean-Bart is a sophomore public relations student from Miami. Contact him at