Four letter words do more harm than good

Darn. Shoot. Flippin’. Booty.

What is so wrong with using these words instead of the alternatives heard so often in today’s radio and television programs?

Absolutely nothing.

Instead of defiling our entertainment venues with profanity filled language, producers and screenwriters must start using the home training their parents hopefully instilled in them as a child.

These adults would not have been caught dead saying a bad word in front of their parents. Nor would they ever imagine saying anything so wretched in front of little children whose ears are too innocent for such language. Nevertheless, these same people are creating characters required to say these very words.

Parents can only put so many parental controls on their televisions because children will find a way around them. If stricter regulations were enforced, no one would have to worry about the bad language. I’m sure there are even adults who get sick of hearing appalling words.

Call me old fashioned, lame or whatever other foul word you want, but quite frankly, I do not care.

As a child, my parents did not even let us say “shut up” in our home, and to this day, when I or my older sister, 19 and 21 years old respectively, step foot in that house we still are not allowed to say that phrase.

The reason is not that we are afraid of a spanking, it is that we respect our parents and know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable language.

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission ruled that any use of the F-word on over-the-air radio and television is inappropriate and indecent. So there are indeed steps being taken to prevent more occurrences such as Paris Hilton’s outburst on “The Simple Life.”

However, these measures must not bow down to protesters’ pressures.

Dominique Drake is a sophomore business administration student from Cleveland. Contact her at