Gas prices still rising

Gas prices have increased again, and many Floridians fear that the prices will continue to rise.

According to AAA, gas in Florida is at an all-time high due to Venezuela’s political issues and the increase in crude oil prices.

Naser Sharif, the store manager of Petro gas station, located on South Adams, said that gas prices have risen almost five cents on Tuesday and another two cents on Thursday. However, Sharif said there has not been a change in the amount of business Petro has received.

The location offered gas at $1.68 per gallon before the initial increase last week. Regular gasoline at Petro is now priced at $1.74.

“Business has stayed the same,” Sharif said. “Our two locations supply the cheapest gas in Tallahassee. We have customers from Killearn.”

Sharif said that customers do not mind traveling the distance because they can save money when they purchase Petro gas.

However, less expensive gas was found at Murphy Oil USA Inc. on Apalachee Parkway, a service of Wal-Mart.

“There has not been a major increase in the past two weeks,” said employee Melissa Trawick. “We have tried to stay under the competition by 5 or 6 cents.”

Currently, regular gas goes for $1.69 per gallon, and there is a 3 cents discount offered if patrons use a Wal-mart giftcard.

Still, students find that the cheapest is not cheap enough.

Freshman Michael Johnson, 18, from Palm Beach recently purchased gas for his vehicle, but said he only bought $4 worth.

“I usually just get enough to get around,” said the education student.

Johnson said that if gas prices continue to increase, he would stop driving and find alternate means of transportation.

Another student, Essence Johnson, 21, expressed the same sentiment.

“I will have to stop driving,” said the Houston native. Considering the significant price change from Texas, Johnson said she would have to carpool with friends to keep from spending so much on gas.

Because she owns a Ford Explorer the difference in gas prices have affected her greatly.

“There is about a 50 cent to 60 cent difference in Houston,” Johnson said. “It takes about $40 to fill the tank (in Tallahassee), when it only takes $25 back home.”

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