Student shot on campus

After a gunshot echoed throughout Paddyfote Complex Wednesday at about 8:30 p.m., students erupted into a frenzy, and within twenty minutes, the flashing lights of Tallahassee Police Department squad cars highlighted Wahnish Way.

“There was a student who was shot in the buttocks a little after 8:30,” confirmed Calvin Ross, chief of FAMU police.

The victim was checked into Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

“He is conscious and his condition is stable at this point,” Ross said, adding that the victim was moved to x-rays at about 10:15 p.m.

Ross perused the area between the Gibbs Hall parking lot and Paddyfote Unit A, where the incident took place.

“We received the call at 8:44 p.m. that a boy was shot. We then notified the Tallahassee Police Department,” Ross said.

Officials said they are still trying to determine a motive.

The hospital could not release the victim’s name until his parents were notified.

Ross said the suspect is a black male with a light complexion. He was dressed in dark- colored clothes, possibly dark khakis and was wearing a black hat. He also has dreadlocks, light facial hair and a small goatee.

“The suspect was last seen running west toward the parking garage and Bragg stadium,” Ross said. “It is imperative that students come forth if they see him at any time during the day.”

Students found it hard to believe.

Carl Toston, 19, was in his room on the fourth floor of Paddyfote when he heard a gun go off.

“I heard the shot and then I heard a guy scream,” Totson recalled. “Then I ran out to the ledge to see what was going on. Everyone was running outside to see what happened.”

The freshman chemical engineering student from Jacksonville said he was shocked.

“I thought college would be safe,” he said. “Gunshots make me feel like I’m back at home.”

Donell Williams, 18, a freshman computer science student from Newark, N.J., agreed.

“You come to the University to get an education and to get away from the violence,” said Williams, who heard the gunshot on route to the library.

Ross said he will keep investigating until he gets to the bottom of the case.”Right now, all we have is preliminary data,” he said. “It’s very sketchy.”

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