SGA completes position audit

After months of extensive examination, the Student Government Association finally completed its audits of positions within the SGA.

Sen. Tarra Crawford briefly explained the audit’s findings at Monday’s meeting. The audit, which began last October, was intended to establish a defined set of guidelines for each position within the SGA. The Judicial and Rules Committee, under Crawford and Sen. Kim Black, headed the project.

An audit has not been performed on the SGA for the past two years and was done in response to questions raised about the duties and responsibilities of SGA President Larry O. Rivers.

A number of SGA positions, which have not been filled or only recently filled, were found to have critical obligations that were not fully performed.

Positions such as Director of Student Lobbying and Student Supreme Court Justice were some of the areas under inspection.

Crawford said, “Due to a lack of confirmations, the student body was unable to be fully reached out to for help.”

The Judicial and Rules Committee will submit an official report of its audit next week.

The University Comptroller has yet to release the official accounts of several campus clubs.

As a result, the senate is unsure of the exact balance for Small Clubs Funds. The senate is accepting $95,051 as its current balance, but is awaiting the FAMU Gospel Choir to accept its $3,000 reward.

“[The choir’s actions] show they really don’t need the money”, said Sen. Chelsea Hall, 20, a junior agribusiness student from Miami.

During the Judicial Branch’s weekly report, Chief Justice Maya Simmons said Joseph Pierce was recently appointed as Student Supreme Court Justice.

Simmons said the Judicial Branch still has two vacant positions, and they will hold interviews soon.

The Hatchett Pre-Law Society was allotted $3,000 to tour eight Florida law schools. The society hopes to introduce its members to influential lawyers and professors in the state. The money rewarded will be used for transporting the 46 members expected to attend.

In an endorsement of the society’s request for funds, Sen. Keon Hardemon said, “We need to do what we can to help students to enhance their education.”

In his two-minute speech at the end of the meeting, Sen. Ramond Alexander asked colleagues to keep in mind the challenges of the first semester and their responses.

He asked the senate to remain focused and dedicated during the second semester.

Alexander said, “Ignorant people don’t learn from their mistakes, average people learn from their mistakes, and wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”

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