Digital gets fit for charity

A FAMU alumnus is using his business to help raise money for a local charity organization.

Joe Womack III, also known as Joey Digital, has started a campaign to lose 20 pounds in order to raise $10,000 to benefit the United Way of the Big Bend. Digital is the CEO of the business venture DigitalGuestList.

Digital recalled watching the MTV special about rap and entertainment mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs charity run in the New York City marathon and becoming motivated.

“I saw the sacrifices Diddy made and said, ‘I can do that’,” he said. “I can lose the weight…I can use DigitalGuestList for good.”

Combs participated in the annual run to raise funds for the improvement of New York City public schools.

Melanie Matabhik, one of DigitalGuestList’s employees, suggested Digital work with United Way of the Big Bend.

“I was working with United Way when Joey called me about an internship,” said the Florida State University senior.

United Way president Ken Armstrong said he was excited by Womack’s enthusiasm.

“I was surprised when Joe and Mel approached me,” Armstrong said. “It is not often people come to United Way; we usually go to them.”

The “Joey Digital Gets Physical” campaign kicked off during DJ Demp’s celebrity basketball game last Thursday. Armstrong expressed his gratitude to both Digital and DJ Demp.

“Having this event with Joe and Demp is great,” Armstrong said. “This is the first year the game will benefit United Way.”

The basketball exhibition, featuring celebrities such as the hip-hop group Nappy Roots, was originally only a Demp Week event. Now however, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Digital’s cause as well as the UWBB.

The game was the campaign’s first fundraiser Digital said the collaboration with DJ Demp was a lucky break.

“We were promoting Demp Week on DigitalGuestList,” Digital said.

“(Demp) wanted to include a charity event, so I brought up my campaign to him. It was a perfect match.”

The event’s co-host JoJo McToy, disc jockey for 100.7 The Beat, wished Digital well.

“Anything that benefits United Way is wonderful; I’m all for it,” McToy said.

“We want to make this a yearly thing,” Matabhik said of the future of the campaign.

“We hope to reach the community and promote healthy living.”

Digital’s deadline is Feb. 6 and he has already lost three pounds.

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