Uncertainty lies ahead

Happy Election Year!

The New Year started with a bang. On the first of the month, the University of Miami beat Florida State University 16-14 in the Fedex Orange Bowl. Classic.

And the University of Iowa beat Florida 37-17 in the Outback Bowl. Fantastic.

Also, for the first full week of 2004 Wall Street experienced a big advance with numbers exceeding expectations.

President Bush is starting to focus more on home by continuing the fight for education and initiating a plan allowing illegal immigrants to keep their jobs.

Lastly, there were no terrorist attacks over the holiday break.

Life is getting better. But then, it comes to a screeching stop as I arrive back to “The Hill”, unaware of dangers that may lay ahead.

The madness has not stopped, only prolonged itself and hidden under the improvements of the rest of the country. FAMU is an excellent school, but changes still need to be made.

Leadership in all areas is faltering, and the move to Division 1-A is still on the agenda of the money hungry minds in charge.

Slowly, improvements are taking place, but FAMU will never get where it can and should be – not Division 1-A – if the administration and leadership continually allows verbal sewage to spew from its mouth.

Over the break I witnessed some pretty impressive and exciting events, but my thoughts kept bringing me back to FAMU.

Is FAMU really ready for the move to Division 1-A?

Is financial aid going to be better? Is the housing department going to function better? What does the future hold for FAMU?

Uncertainty alone can answer the latter question. But the rest can be answered by the truth, which has been protected by the administration and the Board of Trustees.

This is a new year, a new day, a new time.

Leadership, take well thought out strides to understand the importance and impact of your decisions. You are not just making decisions for yourselves, the rest of the university is at stake.

As for me, I don’t hate FAMU, but I am worried about it. Yet, I believe I can relearn how to be glad to be here.

Robyn K. Mizelle is a junior broadcast journalism major from Lake City. She is the Assistant Visual Editor for The Famuan. She can be e-mailed at TheTruthShallrise@hotmail.com.