Beyonce Knowles, others look toward ‘Super’ sucess in 2004

Out with the old year and in with the new. The year 2004 looks bright with new movies (Troy starring Brad Pitt) and more comic-based sequels (Spiderman 2) looming on the horizon. Hopefully, these movies can wipe the sour tastes from mouths leftover from 2003 (Honey). The music industry is still experiencing the aftershocks the success of artists like Outkast and Justin Timberlake going solo, expect more artists to branch off on their own.

Beyoncé Knowles knows about that. And apparently the world has fallen “crazy in love” with the lead vocalist of the group Destiny’s Child. The R&B singer has become a worldwide and has been asked to sing the national anthem to kick off the Super Bowl XXXVIII at Houston’s Reliant Stadium on February 1.

Beyoncé is now looking to score at the Grammys. The 46th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be aired live on February 8 at 8pm/EST.

Unfortunately, with all Beyoncé has going on these days, she might not have time to share insights with B2K lead singer, Omarion, who has recently split from his group. B2K announced they have decided to break up due to “bump, bump, bumps” in the road with former manager Chris Stokes and Omarion. The four members of the group have been together for six years, sold two platinum albums and have a movie, You Got Served, coming out later this month.