Students find textbooks online

FAMU students are practically out of luck when it comes to finding affordable textbooks these days. As local vendors refuse to carry FAMU books, it is the students who get hurt in the long run.

Each semester, thousands of students set out to find the cheapest textbooks. Many Rattlers remember the days when they could actually choose where to take their textbook business.

“I found my biology book for $10 cheaper at Bill’s (Bookstore),” said sophomore Juliet Rentz.

Catherine Friends, store manager of Bill’s Bookstore on Gaines Street, said “Bill’s no longer sells FAMU books because we weren’t receiving support from the school.”

Friends said the bookstore constantly received bad information from the school.

“We never made much of a profit on FAMU books because we had to send so many back because the wrong ones were ordered,” she said.

“We were definitely supported by the students but simply didn’t have the support of the school.”

Students may feel they are left with no choice but there are a number of Internet sites where students can shop for cheap books.

A used copy of the book “Computer Assisted Reporting” costs $40 at the FAMU Bookstore, but is available for $12 at . “Human Communication” was $43 on, $9 less than the bookstore on campus.

The books are not always cheaper online but the convenience issue comes into play as well. “Sometimes the books may be a little more expensive online but at least they’re always in stock,” said Heath McClellan, a pharmacy student.

There are a variety of reasons to buy books online whether it’s for convenience or to save money. Rentz said, “buying books online gives us a choice of where to take our business again.” A choice that she is thankful for.

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