SGA battles over funding for watchman

The controversy surrounding the SGA executive branch’s current account balance continued to swirl at the Nov. 24 Student Senate meeting.

Several senators questioned why the executive branch is still not able to assist the Senate in paying for a mandatory night guard for the H. Manning Efferson Student Complex.

The senate voted to pay $325 towards the watchman’s salary for the remainder of the semester. The Senate amount will cover half of the salary, and was taken from unallocated funds in the Senate’s budget. A watchman’s total yearly salary will cost $7,000.

Senate President Michael Morton said that the Senate is still hoping to “get half or some additional funds from the executive branch so that our funds are not depleted.”

On Nov. 17 Director of Student Activities Alice Mathis said the executive branch officials told her they did not have money in their account to help pay for the watchman position.

At the Nov. 24 meeting, Sen. Karl Riley attempted to dispel the belief that the executive branch was without funds. Riley explained that he had researched the executive branch’s account and found sufficient funds.

“They have funds. When they say they don’t, maybe they’re just not aware,” Riley said.

In an interview on Tuesday, SGA President Larry O. Rivers refuted that his branch has enough money to match the Senate’s contribution.

“I don’t have $3,500 I can put out,” Rivers said. “The executive branch isn’t in a position to pay for that.”

Rivers said the executive branch plans to pay for some of the $7,000 needed, but could not give specifics about how much.Rivers also denied giving back pay.

“That’s an erroneous account,” Rivers said. “I can only pay them (branch officials) for the months they actually worked.”

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Staff editor Angie Green contributed to this report.