Administration cheats students

The FAMU administration should be hiding its face in shame because of something that could’ve been avoided during this homecoming.

The whole scenario was most unfortunate and the administration should step up to the plate and acknowledge poor judgment on its part.

It appears as though tickets were intentionally oversold and responsible parties tried to cover it up and make more money by just shoving the students aside.

As a parent, to learn of this is an outrage!

I viewed the university my daughter chose to attend (and we supported) as a top notch institution of higher learning that was above such nonsense.

The administration owes the students an apology and free access to all extracurricular events sponsored by the university.

For goodness’ sake, payment has been made for it already — through high tuition and other related costs, as well as taxpayers’ dollars. The students followed the initial guidance of the administration. They came early to claim their seats to avoid the rush and to enjoy an exciting event in support of their university. Instead, they were met with havoc. Shame!

I’m proud I reared a daughter who does her own thinking.

Karen Ross Grant, works for the South Carolina Department of Social Services. She can be reached at