for a long timein a place far far awayblack star warssleepwalkers have dwelled on the dark side of the moonwarriors of wonderland have been shipped out of the motherlandand homeless prophets are staggering blinded in fumesand the rocket red glare of a neighbor’s eyeswho fed us lies on dirty dishes at a table with no legsi am tossing and turning on this deflated mattressin the guest bedroom of someone else’s disheveled historyunkempta disunited state of mindfiling for residency in a state of emergencysons have turned away from the east with urgencythe circle of life disfigured for i have misplaced my compassroots squared and factored to the third degreeconsciousness gets cooked in hell’s kitchenthe roof …the roof…the roof is on firethe head of the house is holding us hostageand the five-0 are patrolling this pigstyinterior decoration gone haywireunclean spirits need to trade spacesand wade in places where there are dancingshadows of your former selves

waking american nightmare

visions imprisoned behind white picket fencesand “for colored only” fountains of youthbut i have not descended from the 13th amendmenti am the reborn descendant of truthstar spangled strangledthoughts dangle from the end of a mental nooseand fruit looks strange this time of centuryi am homesickpuking putrid pickaninny picturesof minstrels and men in the worst of timesmammy found hand-me-down stereotypesand then rehearsed her lineshome is where the heart iso keepers of lightwhy have you turned into wanderers of darknessfingering for the switch in a closet that needs to be cleaned outthat wreaks of burning bodies and mutilated multitudes forgotteni am the ex-factor in this generationi mark the spot of the unknownthe street lights are on and mama’s calling for usto come home