Don’t Complain about rules, just follow them

One absence here and there shouldn’t matter, right? Wrong.

FAMU has an attendance policy because attendance counts. College is a training ground for us. At FAMU we learn how to be professional and being professional includes, among other things, timeliness and presence.

Do you honestly think that when you get a job your supervisor will let you come in when you want? So, why should your professor let you come to class as you please? They shouldn’t and most won’t.

The FAMU student handbook has a section stating students are allowed one unexcused absence per credit hour of the course you’re attending. This rule is in place for a reason.

When trying to learn something you have no knowledge of attendance is important.

Some students may believe this rule is restricting or unnecessary. They live by the statement, “I’m grown. I can do whatever I want to do.” However, you are an employee of the university, whether you pay or not, and you have a job to do: get an education.

The fact some students pay for their education would have you think they would want to be in class to get their money’s worth, Right? Not really. Maybe they have enough money to throw around. If that’s the case, can I borrow a dollar?

Nonetheless, things do happen. You may get sick or have car trouble, but don’t let that be the excuse for all of your absences. If you’re sick often, go to the doctor. If your car continually breaks down, call a mechanic, because if you miss more days than permitted, you may just fail the course.

Excuses will not help you pass your class.

Rules aren’t set up to anger people or take away your individual rights. Rules help you keep up with what’s going on and what you’re supposed to do.

Instead of complaining about the policy, just follow it. The administration isn’t asking too much. Remember, your education isn’t free.

Think about this the next time you decide you want to leave class and break the rules.

Robyn K. Mizelle, 20, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Lake City. She is the Deputy Opinions Editor of The Famuan and can be reached at