Senate Seeks Answers

Up to now this semester, two of the main focuses of the 33rd student senate had been confirmations for various SGA vacancies and preparing a version of House Bill 353 to present to the Board of Trustees.

Due to the unresolved presidential race of last semester, vacancies had been left for such positions as associate justice, campus activities chair, deputy electoral commissioner and precinct supervisors. This forced senators to confirm each prospective candidate this semester.

As a result of recent confirmations, however, most of these positions have been filled.

In addition to the concerns over vacancies, the senate is moving to adopt House Bill 353 and implement it respectively through amendments into the FAMU constitution and statutes.

In bill 353, all student government associations of state funded institutions are given self-standing. Thereby, removing them from underneath the direct jurisdiction of the school administration.

“It gives the student government a right and a place here on campus,” said Senate President Michael Morton.

The senate hopes to have all the amendments to the bill made and a referendum voted on a few weeks prior to the trustees meeting. So as to give them time to prepare for the November 3 Board of Trustees meeting.

“We had to change certain things with our election codes and our format of how we were running things,” E&A Chair Jo’Vion Greer said. “We have made the corrections and we’re on the right track.”

“The plan is to get those amendments approved (by the senate), signed and into law and presented (and ratified) at the November 3 Board of Trustees meeting,” student body president Larry Rivers said.

However, before the Board of Trustees can ratify these changes, the student body must vote on accepting the new changes to these documents.

“It is very important that the student body is involved in determining the rules by which their leaders are elected,” Rivers said.

In Monday’s meeting, the constitutional amendments were unanimously passed.

When asked what SGA will be doing in order to inform the student body about house bill 353, J&R Chair Ramon Alexander responded, “We will be educating the student body about the referendums that will be on the election ballot and disseminating information to the freshman and the entire student body, so that they can be educated voters.”

Also, last night two sophomore senators resigned. Lydia Ali and Janelle Nichole Jones submitted letters of resignation to the senate.

Senate President Pro-Tempore, Roshell Rosemond, read a letter from Ali to the senate.

“To my fellow classmates: thanks for believing in me.”