Operation: Truth

Before the U.S. went to war with Iraq, Uncle Sam had to attack because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and they were going to use them on Americans.

In the week this war has raged on, Uncle Sam has stopped blowing that horn. Now, the U.S. is in Iraq to liberate the Iraqi people and calling the war Operation: Iraqi Freedom.

So, is this war to liberate the Iraqi people or to destroy the weapons the Bush administration kept talking about?

Bush needs to effectively communicate the reason America is at war.

The world is full of Saddam Husseins.

If war is the way to free people from ruthless governments, perhaps the U.S. government should initiate Operation: Sudanese Freedom.

Genocidewatch.org reports millions of innocent people have been slaughtered at the hands of the Khartoum based government. The government enslaves civilians and bombs humanitarian relief sites.

Even as Sudan’s government takes part in peace talks, they continue to kill civilians.

Instead of attacking, the U.S. has been engaged, for years, in diplomatic measures to help secure peace in Sudan.

Obviously war isn’t the key to freedom. It can’t be the real reason America is in Iraq.

It’s hard to know the reason American soldiers are losing their lives. President Bush has so many explanations for the war, what is the world supposed to believe?

It seems as though the plan was to attack first and find reasons for doing so later.

Finding weapons has taken a back seat to liberation and Bush’s latest reason for war is to pave the road to peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.

Perhaps by angering the Arab people with war in Iraq, peace can be achieved.

Until a good, solid reason can be given for war with Iraq, oil, cleaning up after daddy, and a slew of other explanations will seem more plausible than the need to free the Iraqi people.

Augustine Rho for The Famuan.