‘Crazy-Just Crazy’

If T-Mac (Tracy McGrady) hung up his kicks, this man would be the best guard in the league. When this man hangs up his Reeboks, he will be one of the top five 2-guards that ever lived.

Everyone knows his name, his killer-crossover and body art.

He represents so many people (some white) in this country that don’t care about staying within the parameters of society that will more than likely yield success.

Yes, you guessed it.

It’s Allen “Illy” from “Philly.” And for some reason there is a question as to whether he should be on the 2004 Olympic team!

Allen Iverson’s resume: 27 points per game for his career, led the league in scoring the past two years and a NBA MVP award. Let me stop before his credentials spill onto a second page.

The two ridiculous reasons that I’ve heard that he shouldn’t be on the team are one – his tattoos and corn rows, and two – that people feel he will not like the limited minutes and shot attempts.

Let me tackle these reasons like Warren Sapp was sticking dudes in the Super Bowl.

I thought that America was supposed to be a mixture of different cultures, colors, ethnicities and all the other bull that people.say. Then on the other hand that same person said that Allen Iverson isn’t a good representation of America.

If America is like a fruit salad, then how are you going to take out a strawberry and say that this strawberry doesn’t represent the fruit salad?

I laugh at racists who said this and then said America is the land of the free; they mean that “they” are free.

Iverson just like every other player that has already been selected (those include Mike Bibby, Ray Allen, Jason Kidd, Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan) will not like the limited playing time and shot attempts, so what makes Iverson any different?

Yes, he shoots a lot, but what is he going to do – pass the ball to the “Great White Failure (Van Horn)” or Eric Snow, who’s last name characterizes his jump shot.

I don’t think so.

But I do think that he will pass the ball and accept limited minutes, therefore not being a distraction to this team.

As of Sunday, Iverson has played in 477 games during his career, averaging 22.8 shots and 41.3 minutes per game.

In his four all-star games on teams that resemble the Olympic team, Iverson has averaged 17.8 shots in 30 minutes per game and I’ve never heard him cry about it.

So there’s no excuse as to why he shouldn’t be on the team.

But that’s just my opinion. Oh yeah, that’s Shaquille O’Neal’s opinion, and most importantly, the coach (Larry Brown) of the team’s opinion, too.

Iverson can handle the pill better than anyone in the league, but in this case he needs to shove some pills in the grill of anyone who feels he shouldn’t be on the 2004 Olympic team because they’re crazy – just crazy.

-Ibram Rogers, 20, is a junior magazine production student from Manassas, Va. He is The Famuan’s sports editor. He can be reached at jamalrara@aol.com.