Peace protesters are not anti-American

Before the bombs over Baghdad were shocking and awing, hundreds of millions of people took to the streets to show their disapproval of such attacks. These people are still protesting while the war rages on.

Contrary to what some may believe, there is absolutely nothing unpatriotic about disagreeing with the actions of your government. The people who have stayed the course protesting against war believe in peace. They want their country to abide by international law. They don’t believe the United States should launch preemptive attacks on a sovereign nation on speculation alone.

These people are passionate about a cause and have every right to voice their opinions. The Constitution guarantees them that right.

Those who believe that their fellow Americans have no right to protest for a cause they believe in are the unpatriotic ones. Believing in and exercising the rights guaranteed by the founding doctrine of one’s country is patriotic.

Protesting for peace is not synonymous with a lack of support for military personnel. Peace protestors are concerned for the lives of the troops. The alternative is death and destruction for both sides. Protestors don’t believe the government should put the lives of young American men and women at risk without just cause.

The Americans who prefer their government use diplomatic rather than military measures are not anti-American and pro-Saddam Hussein. To think so is ludicrous. Peace protesters love their country and want what’s in its best interest.

Those who support peace are no less patriotic than those who support war.

Augustine Rho for The Famuan.