Sweat spawns awkward situation

Attention guys, it is now okay and widely desired for you to sweat profusely before you go on a date.

We women thoroughly enjoy your scent and are turned on to the maximum degree by your sweat.

According to a human biology study by the University of Pennsylvania, male perspiration has a beneficial effect on women’s moods. It reduces stress and even affects the menstrual cycle.

Well ladies, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely prefer my man to not have sweaty palms and underarms.

I mean, who would like to be standing under the moon, gazing at the stars, being enveloped in your man’s arms, and after you pull away note sweat stains on your back.

Researchers in the study collected samples from the underarms of men who didn’t use deodorant for four weeks. The samples were then spread on the upper lips of 18 women aged 25-45.

Four weeks without deodorant? Excuse me, but you have got to be kidding!

Nobody’s sweat could ever be a turn-on after not using deodorant for a month.

Granted, some people have a natural body odor that is not offensive.

So them not applying deodorant for a period of time is no problem. For the majority though, no deodorant equals bad smells.

After the extracts were applied to the lips, the women supposedly began to feel less tense and their moods brightened.

They were under the impression that they were helping scientists in perfume or alcohol testing. However, I’m sure the ladies would have been repulsed and utterly turned off had they known what the substance was.

Sweat could never be a turn-on for women or men.

It gives off a musty odor that creates an awkward situation.

And for scientists to even waste their time and possibly taxpayers’ money on such frivolous testing is insane.

I’m sure they could have found something else that needs improving to execute a study- certainly not the effects of sweat on the opposite sex.

The only time that I could even possible imagine sweat to be a turn-on is when you and your special person are doing well, you know, having fun.

Dominique Drake, 18, is a freshman business student from Cleveland. She is The Famuan’s Deputy Opinions Editor. She can be reached at ddidis1@aol.com.