Need job? Use the Bible

Think about the last book you’ve read that stimulated your personal interests. Can’t remember? “The Internship Bible” is one that is a guaranteed page-turner. Get out your notepad and highlighter and prepare to take the notes of your life.

The valuable information provided by authors, Mark Oldman and Samer Hamadeh of The Princeton Review, aids students in exploring the various internship options that are available during the fall, spring and summer.

The 2003 edition of this book provides over 100,000 internships, apprentices and co-ops from 100 companies and organizations worldwide. These opportunities are offered to help jumpstart your career.

Now is the time when many students attempt to secure summer internships or even get a head start on fall opportunities. This book provides useful information for those actively seeking to embark on new ventures while possibly earning a salary.

“The Internship Bible” is a beneficial reference book that every internship coordinator should have. Its table of contents and indexes allow you to search for internships based on area of study, location, deadlines and perks. The internship briefs, icons, graphics and use of layman’s terms make this helpful tool easy to follow.

This student handbook also includes exclusive interviews with professionals from all areas of study, informative tips given by experts, brief profiles on prominent former interns and a section of blank pages for personal notes.

According to Vault, Inc., in spring of 2002, more than 89 percent of US college graduates had completed at least one internship.

“The Internship Bible” may provide the extra bonus needed to enhance your resume. On the other hand, in its absence it can place you at a competitive disadvantage.

“How to Write a Trash-proof Resume”, “The Great Cover Letter” and “Interviewing Tips” is among the two-dozen step-by-step informative inserts that help students land that ideal internship.

Oprah Winfrey, Spike Lee, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates’ profiles are listed amidst several dozen prominent former interns.

This annual updated handbook is today’s career ten commandments. With expert suggestions “to live by” and internship entries catering to all student needs, The Internship Bible is a must have.

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