Campus housing reeks

It is my unfortunate displeasure to compliment how wonderful the housing is on FAMU’s campus.

Upon visitation to FAMU’s campus, the nice bathrooms and the nice dorms are showed to ignorant freshmen, lacking true knowledge of how disgusting these dorms really are.

For our president to be the second highest paid university president in the state of Florida, I need for FAMU’s housing to be a little better.

According to the FAMU rumormill, the university’s president isn’t even living in the mansion, why? It’s dilapidated as well.

Seems to me that once the president has refused to live in FAMU housing, the housing department and facilities planning would try to fix the place up a bit.

Remember when you attended TOPS summer program, nothing was mentioned about the repulsive appearance and condition of Paddyfoote dorms.

Complaints mean nothing to the housing department. A few semesters ago Jerry Moore, the housing director, said in a news article that students should come directly to him to complain about the housing situation. If I could ever find him I would.

Aside from the awful smell that accompanies some of the dorms, the windows are broken, there are no screens to block unwanted creatures, some walls aren’t sound proof and those things on the bathroom floors just continue to grow. Ewww!

There are supposed to be new apartments and dorms being built in the upcoming years. Maybe this promise is something housing will keep and future freshmen will not have to live through the madness we have.

Robyn Mizelle, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Lake City, Fla. She is the assistant opinions editor for The Famuan. She can be reached at